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DHL Logistics Ltd – Elephante lifting the lift!

The Problem

Modifying and re-using an existing goods lift from another site was just one aspect of this challenge. The lift was to be part of the redesign and rebuilding of one of our major distribution centres. In the new design, the front section of the building had a suspended floor which could not support the 12-ton forklift truck needed to install a lift.

Elephante’s Solution

Using a radio controlled crane with the driver working ‘blind’, Elephante lowered the lift into place through a skylight. This avoided the weight restriction problems. All the issues likely to crop up during the installation were identified in advance through Elephante’s detailed ‘method statement’. This enabled the installation to be carried out during the agreed eight-hour process without a hitch. Their team was also extremely co-operative and responsive to our business needs in keeping disruption to a minimum.

Modifying an existing lift generated significant savings for our client – Marks and Spencer. Combined with the savings on staff costs – three additional staff would have been needed to transfer the goods on the 300 metre round trip within the distribution centre – this considerably reinforced our credibility with our client. The smooth installation process also meant we suffered no loss of production or through put and further strengthened our reputation.


“I have no hesitation in recommending Elephante. If their products didn’t meet our demanding standards they wouldn’t be on our approved supplier list – and they are our first choice. Their lifts are the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the industry with a back-up service to match. Their attention to detail is second to none and they’ve built an excellent relationship with us to make sure they understand our business needs.”

Nick Mossop – Project Manager, DHL Logistics Limited