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Hyde Group Limited – precision is key

The Problem

Lifting and transporting aircraft wings in our Airbus assembly process presented Elephante with a requirement it had not tackled before. AUX needed overhead cranes that were precise and highly controllable to transfer top and bottom skins and whole wings from the jig to the transport trolleys. The precision manoeuvring of these delicate but heavy and awkward components was a crucial element in our multi-million pound contracts. Quality and delivery were of the utmost importance to our customer, with any delays on our part incurring heavy penalty costs.

Elephante’s Solution

Through their willingness to understand our exact requirements and their specific expertise, Elephante overcame our initial concerns about potential risks. They built and installed four pairs of jig cranes on the stage one assembly gig, each pair linked together by radio signals. Not only did the cranes do the job, they were built and installed on budget and in the agreed timescale. We did have a number of alternative options we could have chosen, but Elephante worked very well with us to deliver exactly what we wanted.


“Elephante has a very personal approach and made it a priority to understand our business. The company provides a level of customer care that we would give our own customers and is very professional and diligent. It produces quality products that really look the part. – many companies say they can give you what you want, but Elephante really delivers.”

Richard Tarbuck – Technical Director, Hyde Group Limited