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Westway Services (Previously McLaughlin & Harvey)


Providing distribution facilities for Marks and Spencer means we have to operate at maximum efficiency 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, a health and safety issue had developed regarding new lifts we’d installed about a year ago which had serious implications for our operations. These lifts were not installed by Elephante.

A gap of about four inches had appeared between the floor of each lift and the chequer plates on the ground at each floor where the lift stopped. The gap was big enough for trolley wheels to get stuck in and had created a dangerous hazard. The defect had already caused one accident resulting in an injury to a member of staff.

Although the problem was not Elephante’s responsibility, the company had no hesitation in tackling it straight away. They lifted every plate for all four lifts, in all a total of 20 plates. Elephante’s prompt action prevented further accidents and disruption to our operations. This helped us maintain our relationship with our customer and reinforced our reputation for efficiency.


“Elephante provides an excellent service. They are very reliable and efficient, have a very fast response rate and are normally on site the same day. And no matter what the problem is they usually fix it first time.”

John Wilcock – Maintenance Manager, McLaughlin & Harvey