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Oxford University Press


We operate the biggest university press in the world and are extremely proud of our prestigious reputation. We have won the annual ‘Academic Distributor of the Year’ Award for the last three years running and we have high hopes of making it four years in a row. But our scale of operations, especially with the 24 hour shift patterns involved, means we have to meet very tight deadlines and have enormous obligations to our customers. Any disruption to our processes has a massive impact on production. With many thousands of titles, we are constantly moving hundreds of tons of books so the reliability of our lift is crucial. Our Elephante lift is extremely reliable – in 14 years the amount of downtime has been negligible. Any problems we have ever had, Elephante has responded to very quickly and carried out the work required on time.


“Elephante understands our business and the importance a working lift has on our operations, They are conscious of the high reputation we need to maintain with our customers, and the quality of their service reflects our standards. They have very friendly staff and are extremely efficient.”

Bill Ferguson – Maintenance Manager, Oxford University Press