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The Problem

We opened our Slough centre in 1997 and wanted to install a lift without digging a lift pit. This would have put a major part of our building out of action for quite a while and significantly increased the cost. So after researching the market, we brought in Elephante.

Elephante’s Solution

Elephante’s primary concern was to meet our business needs. They installed our first lift in the building entrance sitting it on the existing slab and pulling it into position in one piece. Getting the lift through our roller shutter doors and upright without hitting any of the main building beams was no mean feat, but it enabled the installation to be virtually finished in a single day. Elephante has also installed a second lift in the same building,

As our demand for storage increased we decided to add an additional floor above level two.

We approached Elephante with a view to purchasing two x 3 floor lifts to replace the existing lifts, but Elephante had a better and more cost effective answer. They explained that ALL their lifts are designed and manufactured with an ability to add extra travel height and access levels without the need for replacement. The offer of adding an additional floor module to the existing lift was gladly accepted.

The installation and commissioning of the ‘third floor’ module was achieved within 4 days with a minimum of disruption to our operations. Despite their speed, our and indeed their strict safety procedures, were followed thoroughly.

Benefits of working with Elephante

Reassured by the success of working with Elephante and their willingness to deliver beyond our expectations, we have since installed two further lifts at other centres and have a new one in the pipeline for next year. In every instance, the installations caused very little inconvenience to our staff or loss of service to our customers. With minimum disruption to our business we were also able to lease the storage rooms very quickly.


“Stephen and his team have given us great service with a genuine personal touch. Elephante has always been extremely reliable, professional and helpful and they remain our first choice for lifts.”

Lynn Tweed – Finance Controller, Space Station PLC