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Ongoing John Lewis, Waitrose & Matalan Installations

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March is a busy month for Elephante engineers with a number of deliveries, installs and commissioning of goods lifts around the country.

A second goods lift at Waitrose Gerrard’s Cross is due for delivery and installation of this goods lift will take place week commencing 19.03.12.

John Lewis Oxford Street is currently home to two of our engineers working nights to install the large 2000kg goods lift serving 5 floors. This installation is going very well and Elephante are pleased with the progress.

Waitrose Alton and Matalan Dunfermline are some of Elephante’s future projects and these lifts have been designed at our site in Runcorn Cheshire and the manufacturing process is well under way.

Week commencing 12.03.12 is when the Elephante website gallery goes live. This will show photographs of Elephante goods, scissor and funicular lifts from manufacture to install. Please stay posted.