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Three-way lift for Airbus wings

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When Airbus makes wings for the Airbus ‘A series’ at their 900,000 square feet facility in Broughton, North Wales, lifts are critical to various stages of the manufacturing process.   Elephante has just designed and delivered a further six bespoke 1000kg goods-only lifts to work as part of the all important wing jigs.

Aside from the need to design the lifts around the existing wing jigs, unique to these units is that some provide access to the lift from three sides.  “Three sided access is quite unusual and not something many lift companies offer”, said Stephen Bate, sales director of Elephante.

Working closely with Airbus’ main contractor, the lifts have been installed and commissioned at a rate of one per week.  “Speed of installation and commissioning is critical in this demanding environment.  We cannot impact on our client’s production schedules”, added Stephen.

Elephante has been supplying lifts to Airbus in Broughton for several years and now has a lift associated with most of the wing jigs.  In addition it has supplied 16 scissor-action work platforms and 16 cranes to the Broughton plant.